Jack's Peak

The Jacks Peak radio site is between Lordsburg and Silver City in the Burro Mountains of southwestern New Mexico.
Iced Towers
Bush with ice
These Photos were taken in January of 1998 following the same ice storm that destroyed the tower on Heliograph Peak. Jacks Peak suffered much less ice and snow than Helio. This is a neighboring tower.
Tower View
Scenic View
Here is another tower view. And a view looking out the building.
Ice box
This Ice Box really has the site's backup batteries inside. This is a rack full of links.
Racks and... Racks of stuff
Zia radios in left rack, commercial/government center, Cactus-intertie right. Cactus-intertie radios on the left, packet and translator on the right.
N7LDI and N5IA
W7MCO says "Who needs this preamp anyway?" N7LDI and N5IA hard at work.

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